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Swonder Recreational League
presented by
The Puck Hut

Fall 2023

Registration is now open for Fall Season to begin Sunday September 24, 2023






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Puck Hut Hockey League Rules

Fall 2023

Rec League is a mix of intermediate to advanced players. Offering 12 game sessions concluding with playoffs at the end of the session.

Beginning in the Spring of 2023 teams will be divided into 2 divisions based on the previous seasons' standings (upper and lower division). Upper division teams will play more games against other upper division teams and likewise with lower division teams though the two will on occasion play each other. 

The lowest ranked team in the upper division at the end of the season will be relegated to the lower division in the following season. The top ranked team in the lower division will move to the upper division in the following season. Relegation/Promotion will only be based on regular season standings. (Example Shown Below)




















Playoff games will only be played against teams in your respective division. Each division will have their own tournament schedule. 

Each session is $160.


Adult Hockey at Swonder


Swonder Ice Arena offers Adult Hockey for Novice through Advanced level skaters. 

There are two separate leagues based on skill level.


New players and Novice level players are invited to play in Developmental League. This league is geared specifically towards new and Novice players.

Intermediate through Advanced level skaters are encouraged to register for The Swonder Recreational League presented by The Puck Hut. Players are permitted to join established teams or sign up as a free agent.

D/Rookie League

Fall 2023 


Registration is now open for Fall 2023 to begin Sunday September 24, 2023






Developmental League

Developmental League is for adults who have never played in the league before and are new to the sport or are of novice skill level. In order to maintain a novice skill level, players in this league are constantly evaluated to determine if they need to be moved into the Rec League. This league consists of a 12 game session with playoffs at the conclusion of the session.

Each session is $160.

2023 Spring Puck Hut Adult League Upper Division Champions:

E. Greenwood- Captain
M. Fritz
J. Le Gate
M. Schultheis
L. Jones

M. Steiner
B. Hall
E. Sommers
M. Schiele
C. Treadway
E. Morrison
J. Rankin
G. McCleary
D. Scheller- Goalie


2023 Spring Puck Hut Adult League Lower Division Champions:

R. Palmer- Captain
D. Robb
M. Shaughnessy
H. Dykstra
J. Perkins
B. Taylor
E. Hancock
M. Winfield
J. Keener
D. Montgomery
J. Newman
J. Baumgart
J. Walker
N. Morphew- Goalie

2023 Spring Session Developmental League Champions

K. Kirkman- Captain
S. Baker
A. Kuper
H. Ottilie
E. Smith
T. Smith
J. Vancleave
C. Reddington
O. Goodall
J. Shoenbaechler
T. Martinez
K. Smock
S. Ritz
B. Goodall- Goalie

Puck Hut Hockey League MVP Spring 2023

B. Thomas

Puck Hut Hockey League Best Goalie Spring 2023

J. Gentle

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